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Uncompromising on reliability!
We provide bookkeeping services to both start-up businessmen and large companies, and take on the bookkeeping support of entities with any type of taxation.
Our goal
To make the bookkeeping process efficient and reliable, while saving your entity from complex bureaucratic procedures. To help business owners, managers and accountants of companies to make effective decisions that can lead the company to success and prosperity. To qualitatively improve the position of your Company, streamline the financial and managerial functions.
Our philosophy
To combine the many years of experience of employees in the field of bookkeeping and HR accounting, tax consulting and legal services, as well as quickly respond to changes in the legal field of activity of enterprises in the Republic of Moldova. Our Company is primarily focused on our Client-Partner. Our services are focused on the needs of our partners. This distinguishes us from other accounting companies.
Our method
We opt for progress. We opt for automation. Automation of bookkeeping enables the Client to quickly receive all the necessary information, eliminates financial losses, tax risks, make a correct forecast for the development of the company and thereby increase its effectiveness.
Our style
Business is, first of all, people and relationships. Decency. Humanity. Initiative and enthusiasm. Confidence. Clarity, even in details. Responsibility for own words. All these components create reliability for the Client and its confidence in us as a long-term and promising partner.
Acting as Chief Accountant- Chief Accountant performing role
The correct choice of the Chief Accountant allows saving on taxes and, at the same time, improves the quality of your Company's work.

At all stages of development, many companies need support (for both the manager and the existing full-time bookkeeping employee) in organizing the accounting in new areas of activity, support related to bookkeeping features, assistance in certain complex business operations, assistance in bookkeeping.
Tax and financial consulting
Consulting on taxation, bookkeeping and reporting, tax optimization.

The consultation will help you or your accountant to get an answer to bookkeeping and tax laws, as well as tax optimization.
Integrated complex bookkeeping of entities and entrepreneurs
Bookkeeping involves a whole list of tasks that an accountant appointed responsible for your entity will perform.

Accounting services are provided in the form of integrated accounting, our specialists take care of all the issues of accounting, starting with the formation of the primary documentation and ending with all kinds of state controls.

Working with us as part of the subscription service, you have the advantage of having constant accounting support for your business, which means that you can get consulting quickly and individually on accounting and taxation issues, as well as recommendations on tax optimization.
HR accounting and payroll
HR accounting and payroll in any entity, whether a small or a large company, is an integral part of the accounting of the entire organization.

Experienced specialists of our Company will undertake the establishment of HR accounting from scratch and its support. Outsourcing of HR services includes the establishment and maintenance of document management, the audit of HR documentation and business processes, and consulting on complex issues of labor legislation.
Legal consulting
Settlement of legal issues that may arise in the course of business activities of legal entities in the Republic of Moldova.

We will help to solve any difficult legal problems, you can get legal advice, legally and competently draw up any necessary document. We will make your legal rights and interests to be respected by providing the legal assistance you need.

If you need support in resolving a dispute, you can be sure that we will take all measures to settle the conflict.

We guarantee full confidentiality of the legal services provided.
Years in the outsourcing accounting market
Successfully completed
tax audits
Those who turn once
become clients
12 reasons to work with PlainPlan
Thanks to the gained experience in bookkeeping of companies in various business sectors, solving complex and non-standard tasks, we can guarantee the professionalism of our employees.
Comprehensive support
We will not only help to fulfil bookkeeping and tax accounting tasks, but we will also offer our services in the field of jurisprudence, organization of your business and will generally help to resolve any issue related to your business in any way — for this purpose we have separate specialists in the team.
Many bookkeeping processes are automated, a pressing requirement of time and technological process, and also greatly simplifies the interaction with our customers.
Bookkeeping outsourcing is several times cheaper than hiring your own accountant and the associated costs of equipping a workplace, purchasing special software, etc. Due to this, outsourcing is beneficial to small and medium-sized businesses.
The ability to set a number of parameters for cooperation with our clients: location of the 1C base, distribution of responsibilities between the accountants of the client and our accountants, organization of electronic document management with the client, etc.
Always in touch
You will always have at hand two telephone numbers — an office phone number (calls are accepted until 21:00) and an accountant's mobile phone (preferably until 19:00). Call at the drop of a hat! — We will always be happy to answer.
We have at our disposal the most modern resources and technologies for quality accounting services.
Confidentiality and security
Any information about your company will be kept with the strictest confidence and will not be accessible to third parties.
Always by your side
We are always ready to come to your office to resolve any issues, to provide free consultation on our services for greater convenience.
You can always be sure that we will always be in touch and will not disappear. You can come at any time and see how the work is going, check its results.
Fixed price
Unlike most bookkeeping companies, we fix a certain monthly price (in some cases, quarterly), which ensures certainty and clear nature of mutual settlements.
Almost without rest
We work from 9:00 to 21:00 on weekdays. On weekends we work based on appointment — just call us and warn about your visit.
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